Join the myTaxi – revolution!

Intelligent Apps GmbH, designer of the revolutionary myTaxi app, has cracked the national borders towards Vienna and is now getting ready for a global take-off. Watch out Zurich, Amsterdam, Madrid, Barcelona and London – the ambitious start-up from Hamburg is getting ready for a groundbreaking app intervention at the beginning of 2012.

Over the last couple of months, myTaxi created quite a stir among the local, major players in a rather inflexible taxi market displaying monopolistic patterns. Intelligent App’s disruptive strategy is as courageous as clever, by providing a standalone solution for drivers and customers designed to cross national boundaries. No calls, no interposed office, several features and individualized ordering options are the ingredients of this fresh app revolution.


The myTaxi model rings in a new era of independence and transparency by creating a peer-to-peer connection between passengers and taxi drivers. It’s due to this fact that taxi offices all over Europe are getting more and more nervous while watching myTaxi expanding its service. With promising new features and brand-new updates on the developers’ desks, myTaxi is the app of the hour. Quick, safe and sexy!


Until today, the app’s energetic, market-oriented service offer has presented steadily increasing sales figures, more than 400.000 downloads and a 5 star rating in the App Store, winning 1st place in “productivity” and placed Intelligent Apps 3rd of ambitious start-ups 2010.


By now there are about 5.000 taxi drivers in Germany using myTaxi to get into gear. 12 German metropolises, among them Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg, Frankfurt and Stuttgart, are already taken. The app’s sweeping national breakthrough is a product of effective teamwork. A staff of 45 people built a well working infrastructure from sales to IT steadily cultivating a close cooperation with drivers and acquiring partners while developing a strong marketing brand.


The convincing blend of groundbreaking app-concepts and targeted marketing campaigns has also drawn the investors’ attention: Intelligent Apps can rejoice over a cash injection from ERP-Startfonds of the KfW Bankengruppe. Present investors T-Venture, the venture capital of Deutsche Telekom, and the investment company e42 GmbH are contributing a seven-figure amount. License partnerships in Sydney and upcoming branch offices in many other European cities reline the company´s position.

Taking all this into account, myTaxi’s conquer of the whole globe promises to be a piece of cake. With a taste of revolution.


About Intelligent Apps GmbH: Intelligent Apps GmbH was founded in Hamburg in June 2009. Along the lines of the company’s motto “turning ideas into smart phone applications”, Intelligent Apps creates new concepts and developments to energize and emotionalize fresh and existing customers. CEOs are Niclaus Mewes and Sven Johannes Külper.


About T-Venture Holding GmbH: T-Venture Holding GmbH was founded in 1997 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom AG. It has since then invested in young companies that demonstrate economic and technological synergies with the Deutsche Telekom business units as well as above average growth potential. Its head office is in Bonn. It is supported and complemented in its activities by T-Venture of America, Inc. in Foster City, Silicon Valley, and in Seattle. Investment activities focus on Europe, the United States and Asia. T-Venture currently manages the T-Mobile Venture Fund, the Connected Life and Work Fund, the T-Home Venture Fund, the T-Systems Venture Fund and the T-Corporate Venture Fund. Further information is available at:


ERP Start-up Fund: KfW mobilises equity for young innovative companies with assistance from the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi). In doing so, KfW enters into participations, which in most cases do not involve KfW assuming part of the management of the companies. However, the precondition is that at least one other investor (Lead Investor) also enters simultaneously into participation. The participation by KfW and the Lead Investor are subject to the same financial conditions (“pari passu”).


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  1. Lotta says:

    Artceils like these put the consumer in the driver seat-very important.

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